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Merchant Card Services

First Citizens National Bank Merchant Services is your answer to increased revenue, increased customer loyalty and increased value for your business! First Citizens National Bank and BancCard have partnered to build a processing solution that meets your business needs.

Our range of products and services offers flexibility, compatibility and support for card processing. Whether you are in retail, run a restaurant, are in the lodging business, or are in direct marketing on the Internet, we have a custom solution for your business.

If you are interested in accepting credit and debit cards or looking to enhance the process you currently use, First Citizens has the solution for you. Partnering with First Citizens National Bank and BancCard Network means more money in your pocket, more loyal customers and the value of knowing you are working with two industry leaders.

Who is BancCard?

BancCard is an Independent Sales Organization Company that offers check services, and transaction authorization, processing, and network services to businesses accepting credit and debit cards as payments for products and services.

BancCard acts as the credit card merchant service division, check conversion to electronic media, verification, and guarantee service (as an outsource company) for Financial Institutions.

What BancCard Offers You:
  • Credit Card Processing for Small and Large Businesses
  • Quick Customer Response
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy
  • Set Up Tailored to Customer Needs
  • Free Consultative Visit
  • Free Analysis for Existing Merchants
Benefits Offered Through First Citizens Bank and BancCard:

Increased Revenue

Customers who use credit cards generally buy more than those limited to cash payments.

Increased Loyalty
With the Electronic Gift Card program, loyal customers sometimes buy gift cards for new customers who spend more than the value of the card 61% of the time. Refunds or credits can be placed on a gift card and bring customers back to your business instead of letting cash walk out the door.

Increased Value
The NOVA Network is your one stop shop for all payment processing needs: credit cards, debit/ATM cards, American Express®, Dinner®, checks and more through terminal, PC or wireless solutions. NOVA has enhanced reporting capabilities to provide you easy access to your transactions either at the point of sale or through your desktop.

Echeck Services
Electronic Check Services converts paper checks to "electronic checks" allowing merchant to receive immediate authorization as with credit/debit cards.

For more information please contact our Treasury Services Division by calling 731-288-4584 or toll free 877-809-4890 or email us at .