Online Banking Access

Regular Savings

Minimum Opening Deposit Amount: $100.00

Minimum Balance Requirements: Must maintain a daily balance of $250.00 to avoid a $3.00 quarterly balance requirement fee

Transaction Limitations: Permitted up to 6 withdrawals or transfers per quarter in any combination as long as you do not exceed the 6 allowed.  If you exceed 6 withdrawals or transfers there will be a $2.50 service charge for each additional withdrawal or transfer paid.  Examples of withdrawals or transfers would be an in person withdrawal, withdrawal or transfer authorized by telephone, First Connection transfer, or an Online Banking transfer, preauthorized withdrawal or transfer to a third party.

Currently regulatory rules limit the number of preauthorized transfers and preauthorized transfers to a third party, to 6 per month.  Exceeding this limitation could result in the reclassification of your account from a savings account to a transactional account.  Examples of a third party transfer would be a preauthorized debit for payment of an insurance premium or a request for a wire transfer of funds.  Examples of a preauthorized transfer would be an Online Banking transfer of funds, a First Connection transfer of funds, or an automated transfer of funds to cover an overdraft in a Demand Deposit Account.

Statement Cycle: Quarterly