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Relay for Life, a Priority at First Citizens

Relay For Life is a team event whose purpose is to raise funds for cancer research, education and patient support. This is a year-round project at First Citizens National Bank, funded by Dress Down Days (a privilege purchased by employees which allows for casual dress on specific days), silent auctions, sale of breakfast and lunch foods by various departments within the bank or by creative fund raising projects at branch locations and concluded each year by a party attended by total communities.

Certain communities that are a part First Citizens' markets support the financial needs of cancer victims within their communities through a fund raising effort, such as "Walk of Hope" or "Bar-B-Q for Cancer." This alternative allows funds raised to be retained and distributed locally to cancer victims to cover expenses not covered by insurance such as travel and hotel. The process is similar to Relay For Life, but does not allow for participation on a national level that pools the funds and dedicates a portion to research.