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Southern Heritage Bank is a division of FIRST CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK

Comments From Corporate

To Our Shareholders:


At First Citizens National Bank, we strive to meet the needs of our customers. We recognize that the core of being a community bank stems from creating valuable relationships with our customers. However, through creating that value, we also need to listen to customer needs. That’s why FirstCNB has chosen to invest heavily in technological advances that will help you…our customer. We desire to maintain a strong connection to you, but recognize that the touch points for connection are changing. We want you to have the options that you desire for banking readily available for your choosing.


The data indicates that we, as a community bank, must keep up with the fast-changing market and adapt our operating models and digital channels to meet changing customer expectations. FirstCNB realizes that multichannel banking will continue to exist and that the mobile channel is the most significant game changer currently facing the banking industry.  As a result, we have identified the following strategies in our strategic plan:  (1) Transformation of the customer experience through the branch transformation process; (2) Transformation of the teammate branch experience from traditional teller/customer service representative to Financial Experience Specialist (Advisor); (3) Transformation of technology and information to improve the customer experience across multiple channels, with a focus for consumer and business banking in the mobile channel; and (4) Digital branding, including social media.


Online technology will continue to evolve and FirstCNB looks forward to introducing you to exciting new products and services as we continue to enhance our strategic focus. A few details that you can plan to see in the coming future: Online account opening and consumer loan origination will be a part of FirstCNB’s digital strategy over the next three years. The bank will continue to make an investment in the improvement of the consumer and business online banking channels. Mobile banking will have another release with the addition of P2P Payments, push notifications, financial tools, debit and credit card management and other mobile centric tools. We anticipate the mobile experience will be dynamic; transaction focused, and will be considered the consumer and small business wallet. FirstCNB’s plan also includes additional investment in Smart ATMs to meet needs of non-online customers banking after hours in locations across the state.


First Citizens National Bank wants to be open to innovation, implement new technologies, encourage teammate engagement, and move toward a digital transformation process that will build customer loyalty and establish FirstCNB as a community bank that values both advancement and tradition. We value you partnering with us for your banking relationship and we hope to continue to provide you with innovative technology that will enhance your banking experience.


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Jeff Agee                                                    Judy Long
Chairman &                                               President &
Chief Executive Officer                           Chief Operating Officer